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The decision to consider adoption is the beginning of a process that you control. Nothing legal or binding can be done prior to the birth of your baby. If you are considering adoption, your local partner center can answer any questions that you may have and refer you to a qualified agency.

As you make your decision a few questions for you to consider are:

Q: How might adoption benefit me?
A: A few ways may be:
-You can pursue goals and plans earlier
-You will not have to parent prematurely
-You have the freedom to choose whether or not to have a long-term relationship with the baby's father

Q: Is adoption permanent?
A: Yes. Once placed, the child becomes permanently and legally a member of the adoptive family with full rights to inheritance and a lifetime family relationship.

Q: Do you give referrals to adoption agencies?
A: To explore adoption further including referrals, please contact your local EW participating center. Click here for more information.


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