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Medical Considerations

There are several medical considerations when deciding whether or not to proceed with your unplanned pregnancy. At EW, we want you to have all the information at your disposal. Your local participating center offers the following services at no charge for your convenience.

  • Pregnancy Testing: An easy first step to help find out if you're pregnant. The testing provides instant results, so you'll have an answer during the same visit.

  • Ultrasound: A state-of-the-art way to confirm a viable pregnancy. If you're not pregnant, there's no need for abortion, an invasive and costly surgery. Your local participating center utilizes the latest ultrasound technology and scan capabilities.

  • Pregnancy Consultation: A safe place to ask questions and find answers. Explore and discuss all your choices in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure.

  • Medical Consultation: Licensed medical professional staff can help you find answers to your medical questions. Find out why you may not need an abortion. Female staff members are available for your peace-of-mind.

An appointment is recommended, but not necessary. Walk-ins are welcome! Please stop in at your convenience or click here for more information about your local participating medical facility.


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